Frequently Asked Questions

What are your loading hours?

By Appointment, Trucks are welcome M-F, between 7am and 2pm.


Where are you located?

1710 Southern Road, Kansas City MO 64120
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How do I get set up on credit with you?

You may fill out our digital Credit Application!  Here

What forms of payment are accepted?

Checks, ACH, wire transfers, and credit cards.


How do I subscribe to your newsletter with your most current offerings?

You may subscribe here:

How do you calculate the weight per foot for steel plate?

We take the weight of one cubic inch of steel, multiply by the gauge, and figure that weight by how many sq. inches you need of the specified gauge of steel. You may also use our online Steel Plate Calculator.

Do you buy used steel?

Yes. In addition to manufacturing new pipe and tube we can also quote you on any of your used or surplus steel goods. Please contact Ted Kahn or Fred Kahn for a quote.